That’s Me

Welcome, Assalaamu Alaikum and Vannakkam!

“Another blog?” You may ask. But, before you enter into conclusions and then exasperation. Hear me out!

In 2014, I discovered the world of Podcasts and instantly fell in love with it. I have always been into learning and history. Podcasts were much more than infotainment. I learned about myself through podcasts. I rediscovered my liking towards reading and writing.

Recently (March 2016), I was listening to Seth Godin on The Tim Ferriss Show and The Ziglar Show. Seth encouraged everyone to keep a daily blog and power of accountability that comes with the blog entries. I was hooked! But, I was scared. I wanted the blog to be perfect. It made me nervous and tremble. Then, I realised these powerful words … Just Start!

So, here I am! Let’s just start, shall we?



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