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Begin with End in Mind

It doesn’t matter where you start. It matters where you finish. – Zig Ziglar

Zig’s powerful words were summarised by Dr. Stephen Covey as his habit #2: Begin with End in Mind.

I know I’m kind of stretching the words a bit. I’m pretty sure if you think about it, you will agree that having an end in mind will definitely help you in taking the first step. No matter what, it’s not where you start; in order to reach your goal, you have to start somewhere. So, don’t hesitate, just take the first step now …



That’s my ONE word for 2017. It took me quite a journey to come up with a word. I wanted to go for DECLUTTER but I felt it as a negative word. Probably, it’s not a negative word. For whatever reason, I just did not feel it in me. I searched the Internet for my one word that will represent intentional living and minimalism. I found it and it is SIMPLIFY.

Year End

Well well well! It’s that time of the year were people all around trying to make sense of the current year. Some may have lived a meaningful life. Some may have absolutely wasted their life. No matter which camp you fall, there’s always HOPE for everyone.

In this last few weeks of 2016, I will be reflecting upon my life and start creating an intentional plan for 2017. I encourage everyone to do the same.

Remember this: You are #unstoppable and cannot be stopped!

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Losing & Winning

Many years ago I read somewhere and I’m paraphrasing; It’s OK to lose few battles. All that matters is, you win the war. This is a great mindset to have during challenging times.

The greatest military generals have lost battles but won the war. When you face a setback; ask yourself “Am I ready to stand up again and fight till I win?”.

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

“Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood” is the fifth habit in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Stephen Covey. I think, it one of the key habit to build trust and relationship.

How many times have we done the opposite? Quite a lot. One such way to develop this habit is to deliberately practice empathetic listening.
Action step of the day is to genuinely listen and seek to understand their perspective.


Two years ago, I watched a TED talk by Jia Jiang on the power of rejection and lessons that could be learned from it. It was one of the most inspiring TED talks ever. Jia talks about the benefits of rejection and in that process how genuine and caring people are.  If you haven’t come across the TED talk then I highly recommend you watch it.