The Way of the Superior Man

Day 5/66

On September 6th, 2016 I finished reading an awesome book by David Deida called The Way of the Superior Man. In a nutshell, Deida gives a solid foundation on becoming the masculine man. It makes you to question male upbringing in the modern world.

On every page turn, I became more and more interested in Deida’s philosophy and teachings. Here are the Top 5 big ideas that resonated with me:

A Superior Man will have a well-defined life purpose. If you haven’t found yours then it’s time to find it. A man with a mission and a vision is always respected and admired.

Act as if you’re father is dead. When I first read that chapter, I was shocked. I can’t imagine that happening. Deida’s argument to act as if your father is dead is based on the fact you will learn to embrace freedom and stop seeking daddy’s approval. How far you are going to take this advice is up to the reader.

Polarise. This is a big concept that turns boys into men. This is were a whimp ultimately becomes a man. Aim to bring out your masculinity in your daily activities so that the women can lean in to their feminine energy.

Embrace austerity and challenge. Deida advocates living life slightly outside the comfort zone. Challenging yourself and letting go of your luxuries will prepare you to become the Superior man.

Every relationship comes with drama. A superior man learns to enjoy it. This is one of the best piece of advice to all men out there on planet earth. Deida advises men to meet female drama with love and humour. It means to be present with her and actually getting down to the root cause of the drama.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely!

What book have you read recently? Leave a comment.

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