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Losing Weight

Day 9/66

I’ve always been an overweight kid. I’m still overweight. I do exercises and aim to eat clean and healthy. But, I never managed to lose weight inspire of my efforts in exercise. Then, I came across this awesome video by VOX. Check out the link.

We have been told that exercise is a key part of weight loss. It will be true if we substitute it with a calorie deficient and clean diet. The video goes through it scientifically and gives you some insights on sustained weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

I highly encourage you to check out the video. Here’s the link once again.

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Daily Vlogging

Day 8/66

I like vlogging videos on Youtube. It gives a peek into the lives of hundreds and thousands of people all around the world. I don’t remember when I saw my first vlog on Youtube. I always admired the concept of it.

Recently, I listened to an episode featuring Shay Carl on the Tim Ferriss Show. It was a three-hour episode. I wasn’t inclined to listen to it at first. I had to push myself to listen to it. Glad I did. It was one of the best episodes of the podcast.

A key takeaway from the episode was summed up Shay and here it is:

The secrets of life are hidden behind the word cliché.

Inspired by the episode, I even started my own daily vlogging journey. I’m not posting it online at the moment. If you guys are interested, here’s the link.

When did you start blogging or vlogging? What inspired you and who still inspires you?

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Writing Resistance

Day 7/66

I’m back after a hiatus. I was on holidays and then once I came I just wasn’t in the mood to write and was in a bit of “resistance”. I didn’t want to quit this experiment. So what motivated me to pick it up again? It was morning routines. Everywhere I turn, I kept hearing the positive effects of morning routines and me, myself, have a sort of morning routine in place for about a year or so.

A decision was made by me to write 50 words in the morning rather than in the evening. And, this is the first entry as part of my morning routine.

I will be posting my morning routine that I’ll be using for the next 7 days tomorrow. So, stay tuned. If you want to see my current one, here’s the link.

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Who should you bet on?

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The Three Mental Laws of …

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Up in the Air

Day 6/66

I’m typing this entry literally from up in the air. I’m traveling to Dubai on this beautiful Emirates A380 flight. I’m excited to see my family for the Eid.

Traveling puts lots of things in perspective. We take things for granted the aircraft, science, technology and engineering behind the entire journey and most importantly, the humane and caring nature of our fellow human beings. When I think about everything that goes behind the scenes from the moment I step out of my home until I reach our home in Abu Dhabi; I’m in awe and filled with gratitude for the things we have accomplished as a human race.

When was the last time you felt grateful and grounded? Share your thoughts below.

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PS: I wrote this entry on the 9th of September, 2016 and posting it from my parents in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

You better be running.

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