Monthly Archives: March 2010

On Being ME!

Hey All

I really wanted to Audioboo yesterday because yesterday was my birthday. But, somehow the brainstorming session lead to this blog post. I have completed 24 years of my lifetime on Planet Earth without any sort of Alien Abduction craps! With zillions of job applications & rejections for almost 1 and half years, I really didn’t know how to react for my birthday???

Many people wished me good … Family, friends, couple of people whom I really don’t know who the heck they are … One call really moved me! I felt so proud!

Here’s the thing … When I interact with people, I’m asked the same questions again and again. Like, “Do you have cold or something?” or “Are you havin’ soar throat?” For which, I always answer “NO!” because for simple reason I don’t have them! Duh!

I called my best friend yesterday. I was pumped up to talk to him again after almost 3 months. We had a great chat and when it was time to end our telephonic conversation, he asked me “Ridwan, What’s bothering you? I know your voice! What’s going on?” I was stunned! He’s in Chennai and I’m in London.  My best friend was able to read my mind by just listening to my voice. Many people have some theories about me. But, my best friend knows me better than anybody else because I’m never afraid to “be myself” around him.  And, that conversation made my day!

I learned, with lots of social programming out there! I will always have my best friend to be just ME!

PS: That was clicked right after a good hair-cut and a hot bath! 😉