Positivity or Actions

Few days ago, I did a post on being positive and kinda carried away with that “boasting” time when I penned down my thoughts. I wanted this post to be a critical one with that idyllic euphoria of “Attitude is everything” scribble.

Maybe this positive thinking does have some effect on our physiology. Although our conscious mind is aware that the underlying emotions are pretty much congruent with the reality, but we are always taught to dress the wounds without treating the actual cause. To put it on skeptical terms, this “Positive Thinking” is a cheap “legal high”! 😛

So, what did this “legal high” has done to me in the last couple of days? Well, to be honest, I kinda felt better. I did some stuff which even now I still get some butterflies in my stomach viz., using the telephone! For a stutterer, it’s pretty daunting. But, my audacity of hope that I will do better, did manage to get me an interview for a part-time job as a “Customer Service Assistant”. Now, to be critical, does that mean I didn’t face any setback? Nope, I did stutter pretty heavily when I did that cold-calling because I didn’t know what to expect from those people? Imagine the situation like going to a battlefield with your hands tied. I was in that kinda situation. Whatever, I felt much better after every call. I kinda became narcissitic!!! 😛

Jokes apart, you guys gotta try out this “feeling good about yourself” thing. It’s there within us. Just like how we could miss out the SMS alert tone of an important text message, yet taking the necessary steps as directed by that message when we find about it later. We need these kinds of little “hope” shots to see what we might have missed out and take some actions to steer us back to our goals. 😉

All in all, it was a rough week with just one good thing. But, hey, this positivity coupled with a definite action-plan could do something in our lives. Even though, it’s tough to maintain during a rough patch. 🙂

I’m still skeptical whether to ascribe this little success entirely to my positivity (like all the “Attitude is everything” fellas 😛), when my actions have done the trick. 😉

What do you think? Positivity or Actions? Which is the right thing?



3 responses to “Positivity or Actions

  1. Thinking positive has more benefit than thinking negative. It may not really bring us what we want, but we will feel better. Mood, body, spirit, are all connected and when we feed ourselves positive fuel, we do position ourselves in a better place.
    Did you make any calls inquiring whether you can do an internship? I think you would be happier doing that, for a short time.
    However, the pursuit of happiness differs for everyone. And remember, it really is the journey.


    • Yep, I talked to few companies. They asked me to send my CV and promised me that they would call back. I gotta call them again and check my status. For the next few days, I will be following up. 🙂


  2. Good , good. The positive thinking will result in positive things, I am sure.
    I am sending good energy your way, my friend!


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