The Much Needed Paradigm Shift

Hey All! Finally, it’s November and the year end is around the corner. Traveling down my memory lane, 2009 was a sorta “I don’t know, what’s going on?” kinda year for me. But, for our family, this was an important year. My sister’s marriage was held on 28th May in Kilakarai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The reason what made to write about this entire year is not because Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the USA or the UK fell into recession or the world in general; the actual reason is to have a self-introspection on my thinking processes itself. When I analyze my entire thought process in the year 2009, to be blunt, I was pretty much demotivated and frustrated with my job hunt. Unconsciously, I started to beating myself up and throwing away many things which I possessed and grateful for viz., my dad’s optimism, confidence, goal-oriented, ability to inspire people around me, and my very own writing skills. 😛

TigerMan, sometimes even Panthera tigris needs someone to tell him that he is majestic, fierce and commanding on the outside, yet noble and discerning on the inside. Yesterday, I had a moment for that sorta introspection on my thought process after a chat with my friend, Pam (@stutterrockstar). The session was little over an hour. During that time, I had a mock interview, some thought-provoking questionnaires to answer and few other baby-steps en route for my job pursuit.

So what did I learn from the session? First things first, I got the much needed paradigm shift. I realized that there is no use in whining about how bad things are and the rejections that I get quite often. I realized that, there is a connection between my thought processes and the actions that I take based on those thoughts. I realized that, there is really a buffer where I can make a choice to be proactive and positive.

Therefore, on this very new month of November 2009. I have made a commitment to be proactive, confident and optimistic as usual. Moreover, this pledges to myself; I guess, will enable me to experience the adrenaline and an interesting blog post in month-end. So, let us wait and watch the play. 😉



11 responses to “The Much Needed Paradigm Shift

  1. Sometimes we need someone else to kick us in the butt and remind us of who we are and how much we have to offer the world. You have great gifts, the right employer just hasn’t discovered them yet. When they do, watch out world. Cuz you will set things on fire. Its so easy to sink into thinking something is wrong with us or our approach.That’s why having someone else brainstorm you is always a good idea.
    Someone told me recently: don’t quit before the magic happens! And it will. And you will reap the rewards of being patient on this journey!


  2. That’s fantastic, Ridwan! It’s always great to hear from the perspectives of your friends because sometimes they can see what we may not. Job search is definitely not fun but absolutely necessary. What makes it less of a chore is a positive attitude. Well done!


  3. Good to hear you’re trying out optimism, you have a lot to be proud of =)


  4. I guess its time for a similar session for me ! Not that i am demotivated or frustrated .. but lack of optimism is as bad 😉 ! Tk cre Ridwan !!


  5. Yen da ipdi polambura…. Idhe mari irundha mental agi thiriya pora…!!!! 🙂


    • அடப்பாவி! 😦
      டேய்… உனக்கு பொறாமை டா… ரித்வான் இவளவு ஆழக எழுத்துறான்ணு!!! 😛
      போ டா கொய்யங்கோ! 😛


  6. I am FORTUNATE TO HAVE A SON LIKE YOU! Don’t worry. All the past results on the “so called” interviews definitely would have been a STRONGEST FOUNDATION, for a better future. Dont ever lose HOPE AND TRUST. May God Bless you and ALL THE VERY BEST IN YOUR ENDEAVOURS! Your Loving Dad,


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