The Skeptic in Me

It really amazes me how avid bloggers come up with new posts every time. I am finding it really difficult to write new stuffs each and every time. I wanted to write on various topics, some serious enough like Pet Love, Movies, Music, Twitter, Facebook etc and trivial issues like Stuttering, Job Hunt, Politics, Science, Critical Thinking, Environmental Obsession, War on XYZ (you can fill up anything you want and at least one country will be in war with that! :P) Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize etc. If you had read my That’s Me page, I wrote “This is my place to be myself”. But now, I second-guess my thoughts. I think like “Is OK to mention this? Or Can I write about that? Or Can I be more open on my viewpoints?”


The reason why I am talking about this is that, I think I have an innate inquirer’s mind. During my childhood days, I would always question about many traditional belief systems, personalities, politics etc. And, my Dad comes back with either of these two questions. One, “Why are you criticizing everything?” Two, “Why don’t you look at the positive side?” I go for a rebuttal by telling him, “Dad, A critic is a person who knows the value of Nothing! (Well! Actually I read that somewhere! :P)” I love my Dad and I really liked to ask tough questions to him.

Penn and Teller

I really didn’t know why I am questioning all the age old stuffs and what makes me to do that until the late 2007, I stumbled upon some Youtube videos of Penn and Teller and James Randi. Out of serendipity, I exclaimed “Man! That’s might be what I am! I might be a Skeptic!” The Farlex Dictionary defines skeptic as “One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.” When I mull over on the various subjects taught during my school days like United Nations, World Peace, Environmental Pollution, Renewable Energy, Global Warming, Green House Emissions, Logging and other “sensationalized” topics. I always wondered “Why do these textbook authors dramatize the effects?” Although, I didn’t get proper explanations from my teachers; Creative Writing of my English class was a great opportunity to question those issues. (My English teacher liked my arguments. But, I always got average grades because I sucked in grammar and I think I still do! :P)

My final thoughts are; coming from a conservative background on various topics, it took me a lot of time and research to understand who I am and what makes me to think from a different frame of reference. Like how stuttering perplexes the medical world, my innate mind still befuddles me!

Have you guys ever faced these kinda situations in your lives? Do share your thoughts.



6 responses to “The Skeptic in Me

  1. Well, I think if you are passionate about a particular subject, you seem to have a never ending supply of thoughts to ponder and write about. It seems just about everything in my life these days can be somehow related to stuttering. I wonder how long I will write about it, but for now it just keeps coming. If you are meant to write your scribbles, my friend, the thoughts will flow. And you are a terrific writer. Keep it up. It’s good forthe soul to write.



  2. I think that being skeptical is good thing. If it was the default position of more people, we would have a much more rational society. There is a fine line. you have to walk if you want to remain coherent.

    I enjoyed reading your post. 🙂


    • Thanks very much! I totally agree with your comment. There are few things were Science or Critical Thinking could not answer, for those kinds of matter, It better to accept what it is. But, never stop to seek the truth behind it. 🙂


  3. My html tags fail. The link is to my blog on a post on openmindedness. Here is the long, hopefully unbroken link.


  4. This was a sensible post !! Specially agree with you when you suggest that questioning things is a bit difficult at times owing to the background you come from ..


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