Umm, it was a perambulatory meander

Well, Perambulation and Meander might be an oxymoron. But hey, those two GRE words perfectly describe my long walks around Glasgow’s City Center in the cold and windy Scottish weather.

For the past couple of days that was what I was doing. Hunting down for bread and (peanut) butter at recruitment agencies, retail outlets and café bars. There were few opportunities. And, hackneyed phrases like “things are quite slow now”, “it’s expected to be better soon”, “you have an impressive CV”, “if there are suitable opportunities we will definitely contact you” etc. These banal remarks became so ubiquitous that instead of listening to these kinds of bromidic sermons, I started to observe that person’s accent and guess whether it’s a Glaswegian accent or an Edinburgh accent or a London accent or a Welsh accent. It might sound saucy. But, it gives me a lotta comic material and probably I could use it somewhere.



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