I’m flattered

Do remember a time where your spirits were so down, that you become oblivious of your strengths and outta no-where someone appreciates the little things you have or had done and *boom* you get a paradigm shift and you feel so energized and positive. That kinda situation happened to me yesterday.

I returned home, tired and exhausted. I realized that, it’s been a while since I talked to my dad. So, I called him and after the usual updates that I give him about my job hunt and job hunt. He said one of his friends had read my post (It’s Eid Time) and was very appreciative and very much impressed.

I got that *boom* moment. Suddenly I felt very good, energetic and positive. I even patted myself and had a little narcissistic pep talk. It was very good. But, jokes apart, It really had a positive impact and uplifted my spirits. My dad always tells me that I have good writing skills and I need to hone those. I really don’t know. But hey, It’s OK to Suck! But, It’s not OK to Quit! 😉 (Disclaimer: Unless you really Suck!!! :P)



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