Job Hunt, Stuttering and Nursery Rhymes

Hi hi hi hi Hi!

Yesterday, I wanted to do a blog post but I was quite busy and I was doing the same thing what I have done for a couple of months. So, here we go!

Yesterday, I had a telephonic interview for the “Controls Engineer” position with a small R&D company which specializes in Marine Engineering Systems. I had a great time talking to their company’s Managing and Technical Director, Chief Technology Office, Lead Electrical Engineer and to their Office Manager. I got to say this, it was fantabulous! They were looking for professionals with wide range of experience. But the funny part is that, they very well knew I am a recent graduate with minimal experience because they contacted me through an online job-search website and they wanted to talk to me about my qualifications, skills and experience. *Shrugs*. Well, this means that they were impressed with my CV and all I had to do is to reassure them that I am capable to handling greater responsibilities and a drive to succeed at workplace. So, I think I did impress them. They asked me about their competitors and I knew that they would do because I screwed up this question with another telephonic interview. And, I was prepared for that. Finally, I had the opportunity to ask them questions and I hit the bulls-eye. They were impressed with the question because it summarized my preparation for this telephonic interview. This is the question: “I wanted to know more about your Tidal Turbine System and how it looked. So, I googled, But, I could not find any information or pictures. I would like to know whether the system is in operation or is it still in the design phase.” They said “That’s a good question.” and started to explain about their system which is still in the design phase and yet to be prototyped. This gave me another opportunity to prove my candidature and how I, being a graduate engineer would be advantageous? All in all, it was a good ride. I did stutter here and there. But, it was not pretty intense. I phrased myself properly, giving lots of pauses and breaths. So, my stuttering really didn’t bother me and I hope, it didn’t bother them as well.

Regarding the Nursery Rhymes in the title, I had a great time singing my nursery school rhymes. It all started on Monday, I was having a chat with my friend in Norway (She calls me “little bro” and I call her “big sis” and Do I hafta ask her to sign a release form to say her name? 😮 I don’t know!). All of a sudden, our Skype went blank. Now, I didn’t know that she could hear me. I was bored at that time and I didn’t know what to do?. So, I started to sing the ABC rhymes and boy, I sucked! I got confused after “P Q R”. But, I managed to complete it. Then, she revealed that, she could hear me! We laughed out loud! Our conversation changed to Nursery Rhymes and I tried to sing all the famous ones but I could just remember 2 or 3 lines. It sucked!!!

Yesterday, we again talked about this topic and luckily we had a teacher to join us in the conversation. We wanted to ask her the full stanzas and also to join us in our singing endeavors. Well, she was quite reluctant at first. But soon, she joined in.

Some of the famous rhymes we tried out are:

  • ABC song
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Jack and Jill
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush
  • Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • London Bridge is Falling Down
  • Baa Baa  Black Sheep

Oh my dear! We had a great time! I wish, we could have recorded it. Believe me, it was great!

Oh, I forgot about this. Today, I was over the phone talking a call center guy. I was pretty fluent and the moment when I gave myself a pat, I got a terrible block. And, the guy started to speak so slowly and also stepped up his volume. I thought to myself, Whatta jerk? Then, I started to speak really slowly which I assume; freaked him out and he again started to talk normally. I was just LOLing inside. It’s kinda fun because you think he is a dork and he thinks you are one! 😀

That’s it for now! Take Care All! 😉


13 responses to “Job Hunt, Stuttering and Nursery Rhymes

  1. LOL!! I had a blast too lill bro =D (Although you’re the older one) I’m sorry I wasn’t more helpful on the nursery rhymes. But I did grow up in Norway… We have different ones, in NORWEGIAN!! ;D Although, I did know the ABC song better than you, haha 😉

    I’m glad your interview went so well! Hopefully they will give you the job you deserve! *Fingers crossed!*


    • You wrote: I had a blast too lill bro =D (Although you’re the older one)

      Grrrr! I’m still sweet sixteen!!! 😛

      You wrote: Hopefully they will give you the job you deserve!

      haha, When everything seems to be incongruent, HOPE is still the plausible resort! 😉


  2. LMAO …..and if it was me …you’ve just promoted me to teacher and i’m just a lowly teaching assistant!!!!
    Still can’t believe i’m so relectant to speak on skype but you had me singing ‘nursery rhymes ‘ …the irony …….


  3. Ha ha, good sharing, Ridwan! Isn’t life funny? It swings all these moments at us, and just really reminds how human we all are!


    • Yeah! That’s the beauty of life. And, what keeps us going are these kinda little innate things which are perceived kiddish by the adult mind. Luckily, We didn’t fall for this trap! 😉 LOL


  4. Awww, that was so cute 😀


  5. ohh but I didnt put my name there 😀 grrrrrrr

    well thanks for letting me know, hehe.


  6. P.S I lived in Abu Dhabi too, for around 2 years… ts horrible now!!!


    • That’s cool. Abu Dhabi is a good place if you could bear the extreme hot weather. I was there in my parent’s when the temperature hit all-time high of 52°C. But, now I think the temperature goes more than 50°C quite often.


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