A Call I Await & Calls I Made

Have you ever had some kind of jitters when you are expecting an important call which you want to do your very best. But, you end up receiving all nonsensical calls and emails which just aggravates  your metabolism. I was in that kind of situation all day long. I was supposed to get a telephonic interview today for “Controls Engineer” position with a small dynamic R&D renewable energy company (Well, that is what their website says! Duh!). Till now, I did not hear from them.

Hang On! I know, you are thinking; “Why don’t ya get off your chair and give them a call?” I did! Twice! No Response. The second time was the worst part. They lifted the call and hung up. 😮 Probably, too busy to answer! Whatever, I sent them an email and I will call them tomorrow and check it out.

Now regarding the calls I made, Today is the Eid in India. Talked to my parents, siblings and other family members. They are all having a good time just like I mentioned in my previous post. They are all happy, I am happy. And that’s it.

So Long,

Ridwan 🙂

Edit @ 4:14 PM 21/9/2009

Finally, I received the expected call at 3:55PM. *big sigh* 😀

As matter of fact, their company is currently under re-branding. So, I understand that they will be quite busy with their office work. That’s OK! And, my telephonic interview is rescheduled tomorrow at 9:30am. I’m so looking forward to it.

By the way, I will be speaking to their Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer and Lead Electrical Engineer. Wow! I guess it will be a conference call. Cool! I’m pretty nervous but preparing pretty well too. 😉


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