Bull Phases

Charging Bull I read an article titled “How to Ensure Your Life is a Bull Run” in the Dumb Little Man blog. They talked about the two phases in the stock markets: the growth phase termed as the Bull Phase and the other is a slump phase termed as the Bear Phase.

They describe the Bear phase to be the period marked with economic turmoil, credit crunch, stock value depreciation and lame excuses for job cuts with occasional upward peaks. Whereas, the Bull phase was described as the period where everybody seems to be happy, stock brokers make a lot of money, people and businesses occasionally blow their money on useless stuffs with occasional downturns during this happy period too.

Now, there is an interesting line we could draw for our life. Just like how the Bear and Bull phases cycles around, sometimes for years, sometimes for decades. We could bear optimism during the ups and downs of our lifetime. And, the most important lesson we could learn is that how effective we use both the phases for our good? But, whatever optimism we tightly clinch on, we slowly learn to move on from the Bear phase with persistence, perseverance, action-plan and execution. Finally, when we reach our Bull phase we value it, cherish it, and celebrate it because we had longed for it. And, that is the sweetness of success and that is the phase I’m currently waiting for to see and experience in my journey called LIFE.


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