It’s a complete question.
We tend not to ask WHY at every stage of our lives.
Knowing the WHY gives clarity and focus to the task in hand. It helps you to eliminate distractions to focus on the vital few over trivial many.
Next time when you are conflated with a task, pause and ask “Why do I want to do this?”.

Missed A Day

I missed yesterday’s blog post.
I think’s it’s OK!
I remembered reading James Clear‘s book Atomic Habits where he talks about not missing two straight days of any new habit one may want to instill. So, no matter how bad this post is; I promised myself, I will post this entry for the day.

Scam, thy name is MLM!

I hate MLMs!
If you have been scammed by MLMs or know someone who is in a MLM then please listen and share this amazing podcast series, The Dream.
Honestly, they are pyramid schemes in disguise and cult-ish.
Do listen to the podcast to this shady world of pyramid schemes. However, if you are strapped for time then watch John Oliver’s excellent documentary episode on Youtube.
Please share the podcast and the video to save people from these shady Multi-Level garbage.

Blank Piece of Paper

With all the digital devices in this world; nothing beats the mindful act of writing on a blank piece of paper.

Cooking is Therapeutic

I love cooking.
I think it’s an amazing way to be mindful and reconnect with your soul.
I was searching for recipes on budget after being inspired by Dave Ramsey to be on a budget. I stumbled upon an amazing website by a food blogger called Jack Monroe. I was hooked! I started reading her blog and there’s one recipe I want to try this weekend. It’s Peach & Chickpea curry.
Do you have any favourite recipes? Do share in the comments below.

Bullet Journal

As a productivity geek, there are two systems I always return to. One, Getting Things Done. Two, Bullet Journal.
Today (14th Nov 2018), I’m going to see Ryder Carroll, creator of Bullet Journal live in London.
I’m super excited about it and here’s the photo I took at the event.


When you think about it … we all yearn for someone to love us!

Don’t be shy! Spread Love!